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A while ago I bought some super cheap lace-flowery nail tattoos for the first time ever, and I really loved the way they turned out.

My thundernails:
2. a color I thought wasn’t gonna look cheesy like a Christina Aguilera perfume bottle
3. the tattoos
4. Seche Vite topcoat – this is seriously the best topcoat on the face of this earth! so fast and so hard! (thats what she said)


The mom is visiting, and I just couldn’t let her go another day with this month old frenchie.

Tada! Sparkling new purdy nails. Shortened and with O.P.I‘s Bogotá Berry and topped with Seche Vite!

No offense, this is just moms favorite handpose! 😀

Bogotá Blackberry

Bogotá Blackberry