They really pop out on the nails, much more then in the bottle. One coat and your ready to go!
China Glaze – Lemon Fizz!

MJ nails!



Ruby Kisses Neon colors turned out to be not so neony. The formula is a bit thick. The brush is pretty crappy and when it dries it gets quite bubbly. So… all in all pretty ok for a 3 dollar polish, because it still look cute… from afar!







to save my day! This is a varnish that looks a lot like Deborah Lippmanns Across the Universe. But hopefully it not as crappy! And its supercheap at right now! ≈ 7 gbp 😀

Limited Edition

Such a beautiful bottle!

Paul & Joe Limited Edition Blue Horizon Nail Enamel

Fixed my mothers nails a while ago, thought it turned out quite cute!

So so pretty!! In the bottle it looks nice, but on the nails it looks fucking amazing.

Like the name too!

Yes, finally cut and trimmed them short and sweet. Tomorrow I think I’ll try something fun… and neony.
Tonight they will rest free from polish! And with plenty of oil!

how gross do those scrapebruises look. euck 😀

Im not happy at all. Deborah Lippmanns Across the Universe – A bottle that costs so much should not stain your nails like this. And yes, I did have a base coat!
And not only this it took maybe 30 minutes to completely get it off, it was so hard because of all the glitter sticking to the nail like and old stalker to your mail! Grr.

I dont know if it shows, but there is some serious discoloration there. NOT nice.

Because of a silly longboardaccident I lost a nail! And now they all have to go. Shorter is fresh. I like.

How cute is that! One hand red – one hand orange ❤

This gorgeous nail varnish from Deborah Lippmann have been on my list for a while. It’s this blazing blue and metallic green glam in sheerest navy glitter. It’s so pretty, it will make your nails get a 3D look, like you can look into the nail.

It says it’s free from Formaldehyde and it has not been tested on animals! Like that! It’s pricey though – 29 usd! But theres Biotin and green tea in it… so I supposed it’s worth it!

You have to put 3 coats to make it look like the bottle! And it does not have a good brush, so it will get uneven before you get used to it. I took 2 very thin layers and the third one real thick. And it turned out real nice! Thank you aunt Ati!

 Across the Universe

Hello all the neon colors from Ruby Kisses! Will try you on tomorrow!