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Just felt like ordinary french.


After everything I heard about Essie, my initial reaction is… meh.

Mint Candy Apple is a beautiful color but the formula of the polish isn’t the best so putting isn’t as pleasurable as it should be.

Mint Candy Apple

Mint Candy Apple

It’s cute… but Im still looking for something more like Eyeko Vintage Polish, love how it looks on the nail! But I need better formula.



Got a bit spastic the other day and thought this would be fun. But  I couldn’t make up my mind. At first it looked  fun… But then it looked like clownhands, then it was really  fun AND cute, but then again it was the clownhands…

The mom is visiting, and I just couldn’t let her go another day with this month old frenchie.

Tada! Sparkling new purdy nails. Shortened and with O.P.I‘s Bogotá Berry and topped with Seche Vite!

No offense, this is just moms favorite handpose! 😀

Bogotá Blackberry

Bogotá Blackberry

I love love this mini Nouba. I thought it was gonna be just another gold shimmer but the flakes are uneven and have a bit of  mother-of-pearl shimmer to them so it makes this really gorgeous pattern on the nail. And the flakes are so thin that the polish comes off easily.  I’m not sure the little iPhone camera catches the level of sophistication here…

Underneath: China Glaze Bahamian Escape 678

I thought I’d try this for the first time, and what better time then when Ninja the fastest-chihuahua-dog-in-the-area-code is sleeping?
(found good use for the Ruby Kisses)

Wake up bitch!

Ruby Kisses nails

Aw so cute and sad at the same time.


They really pop out on the nails, much more then in the bottle. One coat and your ready to go!
China Glaze – Lemon Fizz!

MJ nails!


Ruby Kisses Neon colors turned out to be not so neony. The formula is a bit thick. The brush is pretty crappy and when it dries it gets quite bubbly. So… all in all pretty ok for a 3 dollar polish, because it still look cute… from afar!







to save my day! This is a varnish that looks a lot like Deborah Lippmanns Across the Universe. But hopefully it not as crappy! And its supercheap at right now! ≈ 7 gbp 😀

Limited Edition

Such a beautiful bottle!

Paul & Joe Limited Edition Blue Horizon Nail Enamel

Fixed my mothers nails a while ago, thought it turned out quite cute!